ScalaUA Conference

7 — 8 April
09:00 — 20:00
Kyiv, 4 Hospitalna str., Premier Hotel Rus
4590 UAH

● 250+ software engineers
● 15+ well-known foreign and Ukrainian speakers
● 3 streams (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)
● 2 days


and more!


  • A gentle introduction to Slick 3.x
  • The Scala Refactoring Library: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • 50 shades of Scala Compiler
  • Building microservices with Finagle/Finatra
  • Functional programming techniques in real world microservices
  • Akka anti-patterns
  • Scala Perfomance: How to process big amount of data and avoid problems

See full Agenda.


Early Bird till 15.02 — 3510 UAH
Regular till 07.04 — 4590 UAH

Speakers registration


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Там еще неточность с ценой — 3510 это был EarlyBird, сейчас 4590 ($170)

Спасибо, Руслан, цену поправили.

Hello colleagues,

Take the opportunity to present your Team/Project participating in the biggest Scala event in Ukraine — conference ScalaUA 2017 — on its Lighting Talks and Discussions. To do this you should get registered at Conference Registration Desk during the event on April 7-8, 2017. Address is Gospitalna 4, Premier Hotel Rus., Kyiv, Ukraine.
Note: this opportunity is available only for participants of ScalaUA 2017.

Be active to attract an attention of many talented Scala Developers and highly experienced Scala Enthusiasts from 10+ countries to get in contact with right people gathered there! :)

The agenda of the ScalaUA 2017 can be found here: (2 streams)
And the list of speakers and their speeches:

Follow us on Twitter: @ScalaUA_conf

Looking forward to meeting you soon at ScalaUA 2017!

Organizing Committee for ScalaUA Conference

Оппа, а че Ванек скала-кидала не выступает? Смысл тогда идти.. ((

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