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Тренинг Kanban System Design + Kanban Management Professional

Took place
1 — 4 April 2017

Register for both trainings — Kanban System Design + Kanban Management Professional Training, and get the special rate.

Kanban is an alternative path to agility, a powerful mechanism for constructing your process of delivering value to the client. The method is actively developing and evolving: the growth of Agile/Scrum teams that use Kanban from 15% to 43% (according to the latest report State of Scrum Report 2015).

With the bunch of “Kanban System Design + Kanban Management Professional Training” classes, you’ll grasp the essence of Kanban Knowledge. And the AgileEE conference gives the best price for this great opportunity. Register for both classes and get 20% discount/get the special rate: 1200$ for both together.

The format of the each class is the two-day program with preliminary self-training and “homework.” This training incorporates many concepts of “training from the back of the room,” in which the participants say and do more than the instructor: short blocks of theory alternate with practice and exercises.

The program includes a full-scale simulation of the kanban system in a safe environment where all participants will be able to experience all aspects of the kanban system.

Kanban System Design
1st — 2nd of April 2017

● Overview of Kanban method
○ History, principles, values,
● Internal and external sources of variability and dissatisfaction with the process
● Analysis between system’s demand and capacity
● Risk management with Kanban: Classes of Service
● Kanban system design
○ Ticket design
○ Kanban boards design
○ Limiting work in progress (WIP)
○ Making policies explicit
● Queues, flow control, metrics, measurements
○ Little’s Law
○ Cumulative Flow Diagram
○ Lead time distribution chart
○ Control chart
● Meetings in Kanban
● Full-scale simulation of Kanban system

Kanban Management Professional Training
3d — 4th of April 2017

● Review of Kanban method
● Mini-testing (audit) of your Kanban system
● Overcoming resistance to change and the Kanban method as change driver
● Proto-kanban (predecessor of full implementation of kanban)
○ Personal Kanban
○ Aggregated personal Kanban
○ Team Kanban
○ WIP Limits per person
● In-depth understanding of Kanban systems
● Feedback Loops in Kanban systems
● Scaling Kanban
● Commitment points and replenishment
● Meetings in Kanban
○ Kanban meeting (daily meeting)
○ Delivery Review
○ Operations review
○ Risk Review
● Upstream Kanban
● Roles in the kanban
○ Service Request Manager
○ Service Delivery Manager
● Models to identify improvement opportunities
● In-depth understanding of lead time distribution and sources of delays
● Sources of variability
● Managing bottlenecks
● Change management

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