Kiev Devops Meeting 2018 with Solera and RedHat representatives + signature cocktails, VR, and a DJ. Join us!

DevOps week — free online marathon

Took place
31 July — 04 August 2017
free or $13 (to get video and presentations)

31th July — 04 August will be held free DevOps online marathon. It is a valuable opportunity for developers to increase knowledge, receive some experience and discuss important topics.


31.07 Dmitriy Kagarlickij — DevOps Architect, Resource Manager:
“DevOps Continuous Operations Life hacks” (RU)

1.08 Jeet Shangari — DevOps Architect, Resource Manager at DAXX:
“CI/CD Pipelines as Code” (ENG)

2.08 Dmitriy Batiievskyi — Software Architect, EPAM:
“What Terraform means and why you shouldn’t use it” (RU)

3.08 Levon Avakyan — WoT Server Reliability Team Lead,
“Using Graphite in Grafana” (RU)

4.08 Taras Omelianenko — Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder APIBEST:
“How to manage environment with Rancher and Docker compose” (RU)

Reasons to apply:

● Senior DevOps engineers will share up-to-date life hacks and tricks
● Trending information in DevOps
● All questions you are interested in will be answered

Our website —

Event is free, you can pay $13 to get video of the whole event and presentations.

Register here

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WoT Server Reliability Team Lead,

меня всегда поражало, что у них могут днями(!) мертвыми лежать три геораспределенных площадки одновременно(!)
последний раз — просто вчера (PS4)

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