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pivorak 25: Light Summer edition

Took place
21 July 2017 (Friday)

Wuzzup, we invite you to our light edition of #pivorak — 21 of July, Lviv in the company of a Ruby Dev, Game Dev and Lawyer :)

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18:30 — check in and snacks:)
19:00 — 19:30 — Dan Syrotynskyy — “What every web-programmer needs to know about game networking”
19:30 — 19:40 — short break!
19:40 — 19:50 — Sergiy Koshovyi — “Per aspera ad astra!” (“A rough road leads to the stars!”)
19:50 — 20:00 — short break!
20:00 — 20:20 — Bitcoin_Blockchain_ICO — what should you know from a legal perspective
20:20 — .... — afterparty on the fresh air:)

#1 Topic: What every web-programmer needs to know about game networking

What is it about?

Protocol wars: TCP vs UDP Network Architecture: P2P vs Client Server Madness of parallel simulation Client side prediction Coding technics: Network messaging and state synchronization How to start?

About the speaker:

Daniel is co-founder and lead developer in Dragon’s Games. His portfolio includes mobile arcade games, 3d real time strategy game, RPG, TBS. He loves to implement artificial intelligence for computer bots and make games with real-time network synchronization. He works with Unity 3D since 2012 after he left Android enterprise outsourcing.
Feel free to friend him on Facebook or in real life —

#2 Topic: “Per aspera ad astra!” (“A rough road leads to the stars!”)

What is it about?

The report is about a way of a developer from the very beginning to becoming a professional who can make decisions independently. It will help to get along and not to leave the distance prematurely, highlight various possible issues and periods which will appear on the way.

About the speaker:

Sergiy Koshovyi:

“I started my way as a web developer 4 years ago and have gained great experience in working with different frontend and backend technologies. Had been developing projects from landing pages to vсloud architectures.

I enjoy to make the world better by different means: by contributing various projects, organizing and sponsoring weightlifting competitions, developing culture of drinking delicious coffee at the offices. I am addicted not only to programming but also to high-speed riding.

Recently I’ve received a unique opportunity to be a lector of Pivorak Summer Course and to share my knowledge with entry-level developers.”

#3 Topic:

What is it about?

Recently, cryptography, blockchain technology, and ICO turned out from an amusement of crypt-anarchists into cool instrument for future of funding, trading and doing business. Cryptocurrency is a new and easy way to calculate and transact payments quick. Blockchain is like waking in the park in the old bureaucratic procedures. In the case of IСO, this is a new tool, which obviously was gained by speculation and distrust in the beginning, regarding the speed and the amount of raising funds: millions of dollars are collected in a few days or even hours. So, lets play hard on this field.

About the speaker:

Orest Gavrylyak is a Partner at Axon.Partners, Lviv Branch. Orest studied at Netherlands and worked at International Criminal Court. Today he’s messing with Transfer pricing, Hybrid Mismatches and application of CFC rules :) and will talk to you about cryptocurrency.
Something you should know:

Can not imagine his life without cartoons, because he thinks that the most advanced actors are playing there.

Pivorak is Lviv Ruby Meetup.

We started in June, 2015 and kept gathering every single month for almost 2 years.
We are proud to have 30+ speakers and Tobias Pfeiffer, Maciej Mensfeld, Andrzej Krzywda, Piotr Solnica, Piotr Szotkowski, Nick Sutterer, Michał Papis, Ivan Nemytchenko, José Valim among them.

All the talks from previous 25 pivorak events are available for free on our website — — start learning now!

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