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Dev-Pro Angular Flow Dnipro Course

Took place
11 October 2017 (Wednesday)

Free one-week intensive course in Angular 4.0 for experienced JavaScript developers! Apply here: angularflow.dnipro.dev-pro.net

Learn Angular 4.0 with Dev-Pro Angular Flow in Dnipro! It’s useful knowledge, and it’s free. At Dev-Pro, we encourage proactive learners by investing in their success. Try this now: apply before October 11 and take your professional skills to a new level: angularflow.dnipro.dev-pro.net


10 people
Experienced trainer


1 week, October 17-21
7:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
One 4-hours workshop on Saturday, October 21
12 hours of lectures + 8 hours of homework

The perfect participant will have:

● 2+ years of commercial experience with JavaScript
● Good understanding of OOP principles
● Good knowledge of es5/es6
● At least pre-intermediate English

Register now: angularflow.dnipro.dev-pro.net

Dev-Pro Angular Flow is free of charge. With the aim of creating same-level groups of specialists, there will be pre-screening of applicants. Ten participants will study Angular 4.0 with Dev-Pro. The registration deadline is October 11. Apply now: angularflow.dnipro.dev-pro.net

About the trainer:

Nikolay Lototskiy has over 15 years’ software development experience, from QA engineer to technology expert. Experienced in PHP, .NET, Python and JavaScript.

More than 3 years’ experience in training and running workshops.

In-house workshops developed for Dev-Pro:
— Asynchronous JavaScript
— JavaScript Promises
— GIT flow
— Unit testing workshop
— Vue.js training
— Design patterns workshop

Join the course: angularflow.dnipro.dev-pro.net

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