Kyiv Kotlin UG: First Blood

Took place
12 December 2017 (Tuesday)
18:30 — 22:00
Kyiv, Pankivska, 14 A, Wix Kyiv Office

We are ready to announce our first meetup!


1. Title: Fun with generics in Kotlin
Speaker: Andrii Rodionov

“[Generics] are a disaster; they have made Java harder to learn and to understand, and you can’t avoid them.” — Tim Bray, Sun Microsystems (co-authors of the original XML specification)

This is about Java, but what about Kotlin?
In this talk we will try to touch the same staff in Kotlin and take a look at following topics:
— Syntax and behavior
— Invariant/covariant/contravariance in Java
— Declaration-site variance: in/out
— Type projections and Star-projections
— Generic constraints
— Function subtyping

2. Title: Kotlin Delegates: reduce the boilerplate
Speaker: Dmitriy Zaitsev

The Delegation pattern is an OOD pattern that allows object composition to achieve the same code reuse as inheritance.
Let’s find out what Kotlin offers us in a world where we have no control over the creation of many objects to save our time in many cases.


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