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Kyiv Kotlin UG: Pitfalls

Took place
24 January (Wednesday)
19:00 — 22:00
Kyiv, Zhylyanska Street 35, Lohika

The second meetup of our Kyiv Kotlin User Group is devoted to pitfalls.


1. The pitfalls of migration Java code to Kotlin — Ievgenii Lopushen, Software Engineer @ Optimalblue LLC, Sergii Gnatiuk — Software Engineer @ WorldApp


Kotlin can be a more pleasant option for developing your project, it’s been said a lot of times. Someone migrates existing code to Kotlin, someone supports mixed project — it is a matter of choice. Those processes are made as simple as possible, however, in practice, you need to overcome a number of pitfalls, which will be discussed in this talk.

2. HTTP/2 and Servlet 4.0 — Andrii Bezruchko. Junior Software Engineer @ Epam


HTTP is one of the most widely used protocols in the world. The version of HTTP 1.1, used to this day, was developed and described 18 years ago — 1999. With the increasing complexity of web applications, the capabilities of HTTP 1.1 are already insufficient to provide increased demands on performance and responsiveness. So in order to meet new requirements, HTTP must evolve. HTTP 2.0 is designed to make web applications faster, simple and reliable.

In this report I will tell about:

— drawbacks of HTTP 1.1 and why we need a new version of HTTP.
— which advantages HTTP/2 offers in comparison with the previous version?
— how the new protocol affected the new version of SERVLET 4.0 and how we can use it.


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