Golang meetup @Lohika

Took place
14 June 2018 (Thursday)
Kyiv, 35 Zhylianska Street, 5th floor

Hello, colleagues! 📢

We are happy to invite you to Golang meetup @Lohika.
It will be held today, on June 14th, start at 18:30 PM in our Kyiv office.


18:30 — 19:00 registration, coffee, chatting
19:00-19:45 — Parsa Ghadimi will talk about different ways of using PHP and Golang with one another and in he’ll show a demo of his new PHP runtime.
About speaker: Parsa Ghadimi is a self-taught developer who started early (~9), his area of expertise is server-side programming and totally he’s known as a professional web developer. Also, he has been contributed to some of the open source projects and in some parts of time, he was an active GitHub member. Now he is actively working on startups and he’s trying to launch his own since two years ago.

19:45-20:00 — coffee break
20:00-20:45 — Maxim Vladimirkiy will tell us about Kafka-Pixy REST/gRPC proxy to Kafka with automatic group control.

About speaker: Maxim Vladimirkiy likes to do things that help other people. The more people will benefit from the fruits of his work the better. So he is finally have become a contributor to Open Source.

Please, register by the link: bit.ly/2Jjy75C

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