Levi9 meetup: DevOps as an art of puzzle

Took place
05 July 2018 (Thursday)
Kyiv, Okhtyrskyi lane 7, building 3, Levi9 Conference Hall

Levi9 invites you to the fascinating world of DevOps technologies.
On July 5th, 19:00, we are waiting for you in Levi9 Kyiv office.

The link to join the stream will be announced at our Facebook page additionally.
Participation is free, registration is the must

Levi9 specialists will share experience covering the next topics:

1. DevOps Classification or how to bring you to light
DevOps 9+Ops seniority classification.
How to relate the professionalism and culture of DevOps.
Am I a DevOps?

Speaker: Iakym Lynnyk
System Administrator Senior, Levi9

2. Automated testing with the Behave framework
No one will argue with the statement that testing is important in DevOps and many things were already said and discussed in this area.
The objective of my talk is to show how tests can be arranged in easy-readable way and have module structure, this can be very useful especially when you have to deal with someone else’s code and tune it up to satisfy your needs

Speaker: Alexander Zaitsev
System Administrator Senior, Levi9

3. Successful practices of migrating to the cloud
In recent years, there has been a strong increase in the consumption of cloud services, and in most projects, sooner or later we are confronted with the question of the transition to the cloud.
I will focus on the key points of migration to the cloud and cloud alternatives, as well as the important aspects of such projects planning.

Speaker: Valentyn Chubukin
System Administrator Senior, Levi9

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