Data Science Conference “Octopus AI”

Took place
03 November 2018 (Saturday)
Kharkiv, Blagovischenska street, 1, Fabrika.Space
700 UAH

Octopus AI — a Data Science conference that connects specialists from all over the world.
Our goal is an applied AI, what works, what drives. No theory just for theory, only real working solutions and projects. We will discuss how AI influences business and society. Think wider, dive deeper.


  1. Welf Wustlich CTO at Planet AI — Cognitive Supercomputing for images, text and speech;
  2. Dimitri Nowicki CTO, Head of the Research at Neurologix Security, Inc — State representation learning and associative memory for intelligent agents;
  3. Tolga Birdal Doktorant at Siemens AG — Sparse and Dense Reconstruction via Detection: CAD Priors for Accurate and Flexible Instance Reconstruction for Industry 4.0;
  4. Aleksandr Dolgaryev CTO at Quantum — Multiple Object Tracking using Person Re-identification for Video Analytics Platform;
  5. Oleh Yudin Data Scientist at Enke Systems — Predicting winner of a horse race.

Workshop speakers:

  1. Kostiantyn Isaienkov Data Science & Machine Learning Engineer at Akvelon — Dimension reduction for image clustering using convolutional autoencoder;
  2. Michael Yushchuk Machine Learning Engineer at Quantum — Simple object detection with Tensorflow.

Octopus AI:

● 7 hours of discussing real projects;
● 2 streams: Lectures & Workshops
● 7 speakers from the top companies;
● The raffle of unlimited subscriptions to the Aura fitness club, e-books from Packt and other prizes;
● Exhibition area with innovative developments;
● Networking;
● Coffee and snacks.

For more information, please, visit our website: octopusai.com.ua


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