Levi9 meetup: Late Geek Angular Meetup

Took place
18 October 2018 (Thursday)
Kyiv, Okhtyrsky Lane, 7, Levi9 Conference Hall

Autumn gets you bored?
Don’t waste your time — sign up for fresh Levi9 Front-End meetup!

Participation is free.
Registration is the must.

We will have 2 speakers talking about life with Angular:

1. Quirks of Angular ng-templates and dependency injection
Some caveats you should know to avoid mistakes while working with ng-templates and dependency injection.

Speaker: Yevhen Lubianov, Frontend Developer Senior, Levi9

2. How to make your life easier with partly autogenerated NgRx stuff
Automate creation of redux stuff and how it helps you to synchronize data structures in the frontend and backend part of your app.

Speaker: Oleksandr Rybak, Frontend Developer, Levi9

The link to join the stream will be announced at our Facebook page very soon.

See you!


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