Ansible DevOps meetup

Took place
13 October 2018 (Saturday)
Kyiv + online

Oleksandr Saprykin will provide an introductory presentation(s) for Ansible and Ansible Galaxy, in Russian. Presentation of Ansible Tower would not be included.


10:15 Gathering an waking up
10:45 “Automated deployment with Ansible ” (Introduction)
11:05 Short break
11:10 Let’s continue
11:50 Long break
12:15 “Introduction to Ansible Galaxy”
12:35 Short break
12:40 Let’s continue
13:00(13:15?) Networking

Since attendees would be curious about each other’s goals (and our speaker would have to understand the audience) — we should wait for a list of potential targets, as Alexander considers that. So there would be a formal registration form published — so you would check yours. Even if those are cause of temporary interest.

Targeting to cover such topics:

1. Getting started with Ansible

● Introduction

— What is Ansible?
— Ansible history

● Basic concepts

— Inventory
— Playbook
— Role
— Module
— Plugin

● Diving into Ansible roles

— Getting started
— Create a role
— Roles under the hood
— How to use roles?

2. Introduction to Ansible Galaxy

● What is Ansible Galaxy
● How to use Ansible Galaxy
● Galaxy 3.x
● Roadmap

Speaker’s bio:

Software engineer with 6+ years of experience specializing in cloud software development using Python, OpenStack, Virtualization.
Expert in Python with C++ background.
Learned best practices while on large open-source projects.
Experienced in deployment automation and building CI/CD infrastructure.

github.com/cutwater — Alexander’s github profile

Registration form

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