ProductCamp Lviv 2018

Took place
08 December 2018 (Saturday)
Lviv, 24-26 Staroznesenska str., !FESTrepublic
750 UAH

ProductCamp Lviv 2018 is an un-conference, meaning it is for YOU and organised by YOU!

ProductCamp is a user-driven conference that brings together passionate product managers and marketers who are interested in collaborating to share insights, learning the best practices, and networking with other top professionals in the product community. Bring your ideas, lead a session in your area of expertise, facilitate a discussion, network, or volunteer!

This year, we will celebrate our 5th anniversary ProductCamp in Ukraine. And you already can register for participation and submit your talk or your startup to become a Breakout speaker or to participate in a Panel Discussion in this user-driven, collaborative unconference for sharing experience in Product Management, Marketing and Execution.


13:00-13:30 ☕ Registration
13:30-14:15 | Mindfullness Session with Roksolana Kravchuk
14:15-14:40 | Presentation of Speakers
14:40-15:45 | Guest Speaker | Jock Busuttil
15:45-16:00 ☕ Coffee Break
16:00-17:00 | Panel Discussion with Aksena Krykun
17:00-17:15 ☕ Coffee Break
17:15-19:15 | Breakout Sessions
19:15-20:00 ☕ Coffee Break
20:00-20:15 | AWARDS
20:15-22:00 | Little party | dj set by Daria Kolomiec

Breakout sessions candidates

👤 Dmitry Kondratyuk from StepShot and his topic „Service processes documentation in SaaS”
👤 Volodymyr Morozov, from SoftServe, with topic „No sh*t Sherlock. Measuring Customer Engagement Score”
👤 Maryan Dmytriv, Product Manager at SoftServe about „Good PdM, bad PdM: find the difference”
👤 Oleg Novosad, CEO of Severenity and Senior-PRO Mobile Engineer SoftServe about „How to drive a startup without money”
👤 Paul Danyliuk, from Three.do with his topic „Against all odds”
👤 Timur Alexandrov, from Genesis Media Emerging Markets, about „Communication as a main tool of Product Manager”
👤 Yevhen Filyak, CEO of InSpirito, with topic „10 most common reasons of failure in B2B”
👤 Tetyana Golubyeva, Delivery Manager at DataArt, about „Product development team — is it somehow different from regular dev team?”
👤 Ihor Markevych, Founder of Amigo Partners, with his topic „The management of fails”
👤 Marichka Zakalughna, from WWF в Україні, about „How to launch a mini-campaign with a minimum budget”
👤 Ann Mamaeva, Sales Operations Executive/Delivery Manager from DataArt, with a topic „Facilitate me right!”
👤 Olena Kisylychka, Product Manager at SoftServe, about „Dealing with negative stakeholders. Turn your opponent into a supporter”


👤 Severenity and CEO Oleg Novosad
👤 Shafa.ua and Product Manager Vladyslav Bilohorodskyi
👤 LOOQME — service for efficient PR and CEO Vitaliy Sidorenko


👤 Aksena Krykun, Product Management Office Leader at SoftServe, Co-Founder of Speak2me

More information

Inspired and supported by Pragmatic Marketing
Organized by Product Management Community Center

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