MeetUp “Women in IT and AI: why not?”

Took place
13 November 2018 (Tuesday)
19:00 — 21:00
Kyiv, 1А Sportyvna Square, 5th floor, Food court

1 in 5 software developers are women, and in some specialties like machine learning, the gender gap is 1 in 10.

We will try to understand this situation, why this is a problem, and discuss solutions.

For example, if you are a woman, what prevents you from getting an education in IT and machine learning?
If you are a man in IT, what are you doing that excludes women from these jobs?

Specific programs are also emerging for women in IT and ML: are they effective? Do they match women needs ? Like:

We can also talk about the economic and social aspects of this gender gap in Ukraine, a country where software developers earn up to 60 times the minimal salary.


Cracking the gender code
AI is the future — but where are the women?

Organizer: Mostapha Benhenda, founder of Startcrowd, online school in machine learning


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