Workshop: How to write microservice architecture with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Took place
22 November 2018 (Thursday)
170 $

Workshop topic

Let’s stop the world from writing monolith projects, which are hard to maintain, difficult to evolve and take a lot of bootstrap time. Conflicts of versions, cyclic dependencies and legacy hell, when each change request is very expensive and developers waste most of the time fixing bugs instead of developing new features. Let’s stop this melancholic, endless winter. Let me take you to the BOOTiful world of microservices architecture with Spring technologies. Let me show you how it is easy to write microservice with Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Rest And Finanlly how to bind your microservices together with service discovery, zule load balancer and other artifacts of Spring Cloud project.

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Writing micoservice


● Two different approaches
● Inheritance vs Composition
● Lombok and Jackson
● Spring Boot and Starters
● spring.factories
● Auto Configuration
● Conditionals
● Common Starters
● Useful starters and AOP
● Controller Advise

Spring Data Rest
Spring Data

Wiring microservices together

Microservice test

● JUnit & Mockito
● Spring Test
● Jpa and MVC tests
● SpringBootTest

Spring cloud

● Discovery Service

— Eurika Server
— Eurika Client
— Two approaches
— Zul and load balancer
— Qualifiers when working with several RestTemplates

● Config Server

— Common properties
— Specific properties
— Reloadable properties
— ScopeRefresh

More about the speaker

Evgeny Borisov

Big Data Technical Leader Senior Java Consultant, Architect and Mentor Leading and consulting spark projects with Java, Scala and Python Leading microservices projects with Spring, Spring Boot, Spring cloud e.t.c One of the best speakers of JEEConf, Javaday, JPoint, Joker.

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