Workshop: Deep-dive into Reactive programming Using RxJava and Reactor 3

Took place
25 — 26 November 2018
Kyiv, Wix Kyiv office, street Pankivska, 14A
1900 UAH, 2300 UAH

Time: 09:30 — 19:00, 10:00 — 17:00

Workshop topic

This 2-day workshop will be useful for Reactive Programming adopters, who have no previous experience. During the workshop, you will learn the most popular libraries for Reactive Programming in Java (RxJava, Project Reactor) and have practical exercises.

We live in the age of high-load, where almost every Java Framework supports Reactive Programming paradigm and follows Reactive Manifesto principles. Not so far, Spring Framework provided mentioned feature as well. Unfortunately, most of us still have no experience in Reactive Programming, moreover, most of us have no idea what Reactive System is, and what is the difference between Reactive Programming and Reactive System, since both have word „Reactive”. By attending the workshop, you will get a clear understanding of what is Reactive System and Reactive Programming, the difference between these notions, and will get practical experience using RxJava and Reactor 3.

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Day 1: Deep Dive into Reactive Programming Using RxJava and Reactor 3

1. Intro to Reactive System and Reactive Programming
2. Intro To RxJava

● Creational operators
● Transformation Operators
● Terminal Operators
● Practice

3. Reactive Streams Spec

4. Project Reactor 3

● Intro to Reactive Types
● Advanced Operators
● Backpressure Operators
● Verification/Testing Tools
● Practice

Day 2: Hands-on Reactive Programming with Spring 5

1. Recap Day 1.
2. Building Crypto-Trading Platform Using Pure Reactor 3
3. Upgrade to Spring 5 and Reactive Web

Your speakers and coaches:

Igor Lozynskyi — Senior Java Developer @Zoomdata/Ciklum
Oleh Dokuka — Java Software Engineer @Backbase

More about the speakers:

Oleh Dokuka

A passionate Software Engineer with more than seven years experience in Software Engineering in different areas:
— Senior Software Engineer at Levi9 IT Services, CTO в SmartSteamShop
— JavaDay UA Top 5 speaker, JEEConf speaker
— Is authoring the book „Reactive Programming with Spring 5”
During the past few years Oleh has been actively working on the development of Enterprise Software and Distributed Systems, especially using Spring Stack. From the very beginning of Spring 5 development, Oleh has been keeping his hand on the pulse of the framework’s evolution and has already given a number of inspiring speeches about Spring 5, Reactive Programming in Spring 5 and Project Reactor, as well as practical workshops.

Igor Lozynskyi

Software Engineer @ Zoomdata/Ciklum
Igor has over 7 years of experience with Java platform.
During the past two years, Igor has been actively advocating reactive programming at tech conferences and already introduced RxJava successfully in several projects.

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