Micronaut [email protected] (подія в архіві)

Took place
08 December 2018 (Saturday)
Lviv, Lemkivska str. 15, 2 floor, Lohika
200-300 UAH

Hi, [email protected],

Let us introduce you our next event — Micronaut [email protected] We have a great speaker Andrew Petryk, Software Engineer, Grid Dynamics.

Language: Ukrainian

The event will take place at Lohika Lviv office. The registration starts at 9:30, the event at 10:00.

Player 2 Ready: Micronaut, Spring Boot competitor

Level: Introductory

Microservices, Clouds, Serverless — all of this are nowadays buzz-words. It’s a trend of today’s software reality to break a monolith into microservices and deploy them to cloud. And how java developers deal with such things? With the help of Spring and Spring Boot, which become a major player, de-facto, a standard in the industry. But Spring, besides all the goodies it provides, was never designed with the Microservice approach in mind. But the most crucial thing — there are no real competitors to Spring & SpringBoot. Without good rivalry, further progress is slower (or even doubtful). In my talk, we compare the Spring & SpringBoot with new (RC-1 planned for the 30th of September) java framework Micronaut. We will see how less memory Micronaut can consume and how much faster is its startup time compared to a similar SpringBoot app. And also we will find out that the best practices and concepts from SpringBoot are valid citizens in Micronaut which makes a learning curve really short.

See you soon!


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Brilliant talk — I had a chance to listen to it at Devoxx Ukraine. And cool slides!

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