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Speakers’ Corner: Free LoadTest Reporting system like Blazemeter

15 січня (вівторок)
19:00 — 20:30
Київ, вул. Миколи Амосова, 12, друга башта, SkyPoint, Ciklum

Компанія Ciklum та QA Experts.pro, спільнота і центр підвищення кваліфікації QA, запрошують на безкоштовний Speakers’ Corner на теми:

1. „How to build Performance Test Reporting solution like Blazemeter for Free”
2. „Planning user load for your website with Google Analytics and New Relic Data”

Кому буде цікаво: як Middle QA так і QA Managers.


Ця доповідь буде дуже цікавою! Приєднуйся!

QAExperts.pro — спільнота і центр підвищення кваліфікації QA, постачальник інструментів для QA.

The workshop details

1) Performance testing analysis, as well as application/server problem investigation, have never been easy and quick. However, here in Thomas Cook, we were able to improve and simplify the given above processes. Just through some modification/configuration of open-source solutions such as JMeter and ELK-stack tools we able to build performance test reporting framework which can do the following:

— Easily find Bottlenecks on Script level, Business transaction and request level.
— Get to raw request-response trace of failed transactions just through several clicks.
— Get separate statistics for business transactions spread among several scripts.
— Visualizing in a representative way.
— And much more...

2) Also we cover a topic of building load testing profile based on Google Analytics and New Relic data. Show how to do it quickly and avoid typical mistakes. Join our talks to look at everything listed in action


Yevhen Yepishev — Performance QA Engineer at Thomas Cook Group. QA performance engineer of Testing Center of Excellence at Thomas Cook Group. More than 3 years of experience in automation and performance QA. Leading Performance Guild and Services in TCoE at Thomas Cook Group.

Volodymyr Prymakov — TCoE Manager at Thomas Cook Group. Generally 16 years in QA. Co-owner of qaexperts.pro training center of excellence. Co-author of Load testing essential workshop from QAExperts.pro. 6 years in Load Testing and head of different Performance QA Departments in the past. Head of Testing Center of Excellence at Thomas Cook Group, responsible for guidance of QA practices and processes, shared QA services, QA guilds, and QA management board in the organization consisting of more than 120 QAs distributed over the Europe and world.

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