[Скасовано] Blockchain School Presentation

Took place
26 January (Saturday)
Kyiv, Polova str. 21 (Shulyavskaya), DataRoot University Office

Blockchain — is it hype or valuable technology? Welcome a new course from DataRoot University.

The quality of technology and its use in the real world depends primarily on the community. We at DataRoot, believe in this technology and value its potential. The world is on the verge of moving to a new conceptual model of Web 3.0. Therefore, DataRoot University Announces the First Blockchain Course!

Your level of training is not important. You can be a beginner or an experienced developer. By taking the course, you will understand Blockchain technology and increase your level of competence in this field.

The course lasts 2 months. It consists of 4 modules with offline classes at the DataRoot University office. More details are available at the presentation of the course.

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