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Lecture “AI and Data-Driven Decision-Making for Business”

Took place
23 April (Tuesday)
19:00 — 20:00
Kyiv, Dnytrivska str. 92-94, Kyiv School of Economics

Kyiv School of Economics is holding the lecture “AI and Data-Driven Decision-Making for Business”.

Decisions based on intuition and previous experience are progressively being challenged by a data-driven decision-making practice. More companies are relying on data to help them identify drawbacks, utilize opportunities and make right decisions that could affect their bottom line.

What is the lecture about?

✏ What does data-based decision-making mean?
✏ The benefit of data-driven decision making
✏ Data analysis techniques and tools
✏ How to become more data-driven

Who will be interested in it?

Business owners, managers, analysts

About the speaker:

Oleksandr Romanko, Senior Research Assistant, IBM Canada, Honorary Director of MBAI Program at KSE, Professor at University of Toronto

Language: English

Entrance is free. Register here.

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