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Readdle Internship 2019

Took place
06 June (Thursday)

Why you should apply to Readdle

Make the most of your summer by working in the great company that shapes the “future of work”. Our popular productivity apps such as Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Spark, and Documents were downloaded over 100 million times.

What you’ll get

You’ll spend two months with super talented people who will do their best to uncover your potential and make you feel as a part of something huge.

Friendly team, ambitious challenges, lots of fun and that Silicon Valley vibe you’ve read about. Right in our Odessa office!

Apply now

Choose specialization:

Full Stack Web Development

What will you do?

On a daily basis, you’ll work with our talented engineers building a web project from scratch.


● Decent English knowledge to read docs and name things
● Know at least basic level of SQL and programming on PHP
● Know at least basic principles of HTML, CSS, and programming on JS
● Completed test task

iOS Development

What will you do?

You will work on your personal project in Calendars App together with our top-notch engineers.


● Decent English knowledge to read docs and name things
● Willing to code on Swift or Objective-c
● Knowledge of project lifecycle in Xcode: source file, resources, extensions
● Knowledge of work with third-party libs and package managers
● Completed test task

Marketing Design

What will you do?

Together with the marketing team, you will take part in the promotion of such products as PDF Expert, Spark, Documents and Scanner Pro and bring your own contribution to Readdle branding development.


● Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
● Creativity and aspiration to develop your design skills
● Basic web design knowledge
● Design portfolio & completed test tasks

Front-end Development

What will you do?

In just two months you’ll build a tool for transitioning backend API docs to TypeScript interfaces.


● Decent English knowledge to read docs and name things
● Understanding of OOP concepts
● Knowledge of JS and willing to code in TypeScript
● Ability to learn extremely fast, work independently and in a team environment

Product Design, Calendars

What will you do?

You’ll work on great user experience for Readdle products together with the Calendars Design experts.


● Understanding of user-centered design principles
● Familiarity with iOS and Web design guidelines
● Familiarity with Sketch or Adobe Suite

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