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React Native Talks #4

Took place
26 June 2019 (Wednesday)
Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street 70A, floor 4

React Native Talks is a series of meetups, powered by Wix Engineering in Ukraine, about React Native for mobile developers and those who are interested in this technology.


18:30 — 19:00 — Gathering, drinks, and appetizers
19:00 — 19:45 — Should you invest in Flutter? / Vasil Vasilich, Ninety Percent of Everything
19:45 — 20:30 — Exploring Declarative UI frameworks in Native Mobile Development / Artem Dudinskyi, Wix
20:30 — 21:00 — Cocktails and mingling

Should you invest in Flutter? — Vasil Vasilich, Ninety Percent of Everything

Flutter is Google’s new framework for developing beautiful mobile apps based on a single codebase, written in Dart programming language, for both Android and IOS and in the future, for more platforms.

In this meetup, we will do a top to the bottom comparison of Flutter against ReactNative and you’ll get all the information to make your own decisions for your next project.
If you are a mobile developer whether you’re specializing in Android, iOS or any cross-platform framework such as React-Native or Flutter, this meetup is for you!

You will get familiar with the Flutter framework and understand how declarative UI patterns can be used in Android.

Exploring Declarative UI frameworks in Native Mobile Development — Artem Dudinskyi, Wix

Google recently presented the Android Compose Framework for the writing Declarative UI on Android. It’s a huge shift from the existing Imperative UI thinking to the Declarative. Let’s do some comparison of the code on Android, iOS and React Native.


Contacts: olgado@wix.com

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