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Python Meet-up

Took place
02 July 2019 (Tuesday)
19:00 — 21:30
Kyiv, 81, Antonovycha st., BC Toronto, Tower C, Ring Ukraine

Registration is closed.


19:00 Registration

19:20 Engineering badassery for a 10k containers problem

Oleksandr Miasoiedov (Ring Ukraine, Senior Developer)

All about service discovery, chaos engineering, and operational excellence for a large fleet of python CV backend.

20:00 Real-time video stream processing: challenges and pitfalls

Oleksandr Onbysh (Ring Ukraine, Research Engineer)

We will discuss the challenges and pitfalls faced during the development of real-time video processing in Python services. Will consider a few real-world examples of real-time machine learning video processing.

20:40 Networking

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Registration is closed.

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