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Test-your-skills at D3D 2019

Took place
07 July 2019 (Sunday)
10:00 — 17:00
Dnipro, Sholop-Aleihema str. 4/26, Menora, Senai hall

At its 5th conference D3D AMC Bridge is launching a Test-your-skills Session. It is a unique opportunity for the potential candidates to have their expertise examined by the company’s experts.

What will it be like?

● You will have an interview with the technical experts, who will evaluate your knowledge of the particular technologies and provide the feedback along with some practical advices, if needed.
● Once your qualification matches the available vacancy criteria, you will be invited for further interviewing within the next week after the conference.

What are the requirements for applicants?

We expect you to have 2+ years of experience in Software Development, strong knowledge of C++/C#/ Web applications, good understanding of OOP principles and, last but not the least, intermediate level of English.

How to participate?

Send your resume to event@amcbridgellc.com and receive our feedback within 24 hours.
If your skills match our vacancy requirements, you will receive the invitation to join D3D for free and attend the 1st interview with AMC Bridge technical experts.

Participants best qualified for the 2nd interview will be invited to AMC Bridge office within 1 week after the conference.

Why to participate?

● you will get a FREE ticket to D3D;
● you will have a firsthand experience of our company and its culture;
● you will be able to meet the employer face to face;
● you will receive experts’ evaluation of your skills and knowledge, comments and practical recommendations;
● you can be one among the best of the best to get a job offer within 1 week.

Don’t miss your chance and apply now!
Details about D3D: event.amcbridge.com

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