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Craft Your Library Day. Golang mini competition

Took place
13 July 2019 (Saturday)
10:30 — 14:00
Kyiv, Ring Ukraine, 81, Antonovycha St., BC Toronto, Tower C, 8th floor

Gopher’s take of the Food Network’s game show Chopped! For those who have not seen the show, every contestant receives a basket of 6 ingredients from which they are to create a meal. For Golang version, every player/team will receive 6 Go packages (plus a pantry of standard library packages) from which they will need to use to create an app or package. Participants will have the option to play as a single player or join a team.

Please fill out the registration form if you are ready to play. Unfortunately, spots are limited.


10:30 Registration
11:00 Intro
11:15 Team registration
11:20 Ingredient distribution
11:25 Game begins
13:00 Presentations
13:15 Winner announcement
13:30 Networking


If received bucket contains “os”, “net”, “io”, “crypto”, “bufio, “rand” Golang packages

— you can create a weight based http load balancer
— you can create a load testing agent
If received bucket contains “math”, “context”, “errors”, “time”, “ring”, “context”
— you can create a primitive linear regression library


Apps will be judged based on usefulness, creativity, completeness, and how well they showcase Go’s strengths. The Judges will determine a winner based on the following categories:

  1. Most creative use.
  2. Most practical application.
  3. Most innovative

Oleksandr Miasoiedov, Mike Berdar

Ingredient instruction:

  1. Players can use 1/3 of party packages and one extra ingredient without penalty
  2. Players can use any additional number of third-party/standard packages but will receive a penalty in the final score
  3. Ingredients will be chosen randomly from the list below. Grouped ingredients will be unique by team.
  4. Copy paste of code is not encouraged but allowed
  5. Players can use any items from the essential package not listed (such as bytes, strings, fmt, flag, errors).

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