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Elixir Club UA

Took place
28 September 2019 (Saturday)
10:30 — 18:00
Kyiv, Khreschatyk St, 10, iHub

Let’s make a hot September with Elixir :)
We invite you to Elixir Club Ukraine, the biggest & only one Elixir conf in Ukraine.

You will get a chance to find out new Elixir features firsthand speaking with Andrea from @elixir-lang core-team, why you shouldn’t write a GenServer, how to use Ecto and other interesting things. Look at program, take your ticket and join us.


10:30 Registration and morning coffee
11:10 Welcome Words
11:30 — Knock, knock
— An async template
— Who’s there? — Oleksandr Khokhlov
, Founder at
12:15 Coffee break
12:30 You ain’t gonna need to write a GenServer — Ulisses Almeida, Elixir Developer at The Coingaming Group
13:15 Coffee break
13:25 BEAM architecture handbook — Andrea Leopardi, member of the @elixir-lang core team
14:10 Lunch
15:00 Performing concurrent fuzzy matches with Postgres and GenStage — Maryna Shabalina, Elixir developer at Edenlab
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 Integrating 3rd parties with Ecto — Eduardo Aguilera, Elixir Developer at The Coingaming Group
16:45 Coffee break
16:55 Lightning Talks
17:45 Thank Words and Presents Ruffle

Interesting talks by charming professionals, live discussion and tasty lunch included.

Thanks for supporting to Platinum sponsor The Coingaming Group, gold sponsors Prosapient and Aejis, sponsor SoftServe.

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