Free Go Meet-up

Took place
23 July 2019 (Tuesday)
Lviv, Sadova 2D, SoftServe Lviv HQ, 101 XMR

We are glad to invite for the upcoming Go Meet-up in Lviv! Let’s meet to discuss the latest Go news and have some networking together.

Agenda with speakers:

Go recent updates / Introduction to Go (Optional)

Ivan Kutuzov, Software Engineer/Community Lead, SoftServe

Open discussion regarding resent news in Go world.

How we can test Go application?

Ivan Kutuzov, Software Engineer/Community Lead, SoftServe

As a development team, you are judged on your ability to deliver working software to the business. Testing is an important part of that, especially in nowadays, when requirements, architecture, API change rapidly. In this talk I’m going to make an overview of existing tools and technics that could help on this way.

Automate and enhance your Go workflow

Denys Sedchenko, Software Engineer, SoftServe

Currently, the most popular automation tool for Go developers is make. In this presentation, we will overview some pros and cons of make and compare some alternative tools. This presentation will focus on one of the alternative tools — Gilbert.

Checklist for Go to production (Optional)

Ivan Kutuzov, Software Engineer/Community Lead, SoftServe

What a difference between particular source code and code that will be shipped to production? Let’s discuss important steps that you should pass before deploying to prod.

Event is free, so just register:

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