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Machine Learning Meet-up

Took place
14 August (Wednesday)
19:30 — 21:00
Kyiv, 81, Antonovycha St., BC Toronto, Tower C, 8th floor, Ring Ukraine


7:15 pm Registration

7:30 pm Cooking face detector: Neptune — Facial Detection Marathon
Alexander Zarichkovyi (Ring Ukraine, Research Engineer)

Alexander will tell how to build competitive object detection models. As the example, he will use “Neptune — Facial Detection Marathon Match” competition from TopCoder platform, where his solution won the 1st prize.

8:10 pm Graph Neural Networks
Vlad Shmyhlo (Ring Ukraine, Research Engineer)

Use Deep Learning on graph-like structures for node/edge/graph level classification and regression. Vlad will make an overview of basic approaches and applications.

8:50 pm Networking

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