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Tech. talk: “Asymmetric encryption & Key eXchange”

Took place
29 August 2019 (Thursday)
Kyiv, 12 Amosova str., Horizont Park Office Center, 2 tower, 20 floor (enter through the 19th floor)
free, registration is required

You send message in telegram? Open website? Pay online? — And you data is protected and secure.
It’s because encryption is everywhere in our life!

On the tech. talk we are going to discuss:

— asymmetric vs symmetric encryption
— popular algorithms of asymmetric encryption
— RSA, Diffie-Hellman, SRP: how they work inside

Tech. talk will be interested for those who want to

— know what if asymmetric encrption and its difference from symmetric
— clarify how asymmetric enctyption works
— be sure, that RSA and Diffie-Hellman is simple!
— reveal a bit what is used for enryption by Apple
— what it MITM attack, how it works and how to protect
— have great and useful time

Get real and concrete knowledge on our tech. talk!

Format: TechTalk
Date: 29.08.2019
Place: Kyiv, 12 Amosova str., Horizont Park Office Center, 2 tower, 20 floor (enter through the 19th floor)
Registration form:


18:30 — 20:30 — official part: presentation
20:30 — ..... — unofficial part: beer lab in pub

Speaker: Vladimir @Alkenso Vashurkin


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