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GO Meet-Up

14 September (Saturday)
12:00 — 16:00
Kharkiv, Skrypnika str. 14A, Invite Hub
199-249 UAH

Ready, Steady, Go, or let’s talk about GO!

The Go language becomes more and more popular nowadays, not only like a tool to achieve business goals but also like an object for research. For us, it is fascinating to learn how to make solutions written in Go better. The main idea of our meet-up is to join people who are interested in Go and make them communicate and share their knowledge.

Let’s make the Golang community even more popular in Kharkiv!



11:30 — 12:00 | Registration and morning coffee.
12:00 — 12:50 | Olena Stoliarova, Intermediate Software Engineer, TechnoRely: “Creational Design Patterns in Go”.
12:50 — 13:30 | Dmytro Istratkin, Senior Software Engineer, SoftServe: “ORM in Go. Internals and tips & tricks”.
13:30 — 14:00 | Lunch break.
14:00 — 14:40 | Viktor Pakhuchyi, Intermediate Software Engineer, SoftServe: TBD.
14:40 — 15:20 | Denys Goldiner, Senior Software Engineer, SoftServe: “The Go concurrency under the hood”.
15:20 — 16:00 | Q&A and networking.


till 14.09 — ₴ 199
14.09 — ₴ 249

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