Figma Meetup in Kyiv

Took place
25 September 2019 (Wednesday)
Kyiv, Antonovycha St, 81, Tower C, Ring Ukraine

Who should come: Developers, Designers, QA specialists — and anyone interested in learning more

We are excited to share that Ring and Figma are partnering to co-host a meetup in Kyiv in a few weeks. Join us!


19:00 — 19:30 Registration
19:30 — 20:30 Talks + Discussion
20:30 — 21:30 Networking

Who is speaking?

We will kick off the talks and discussion with a welcome and brief demo from Figma’s CEO, Dylan Field. We’ll follow that with talks from our team, including:

John Modestine
Head of Product Design
Managing and Developing an International Product Design Team using Figma

Steve Scavone
Design System Lead Designer
Seamless systems

Roman Plekan
Product Manager
Figma — the ultimate tool for end-to-end feature delivery process

RSVP here.

We hope to see you there!

Ring & Figma

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