Speakers’ Corner: Winter is coming — Developers Edition

Took place
25 September 2019 (Wednesday)
19:00 — 21:00
Kyiv, 12 Amosova St., Ciklum

We are excited to invite all interested to attend Speakers’ Corner on topic: Winter is coming — Developers Edition with eToro Team!

Please register to guarantee your seat — forms.gle/NzgNEBf3cbiiUVjr6

Event will be conducted in English!

About the event — Building and running a 24/7 trading an investment platform, serving 12 millions users around the world brings various challenges to our engineering teams. starting from round the clock demand and high loads, through ever-changing product features and on to technological debt — all threatened to fail our service.

As a developer, whatever your project is, you must ensure that the service is up and running, that it fails gracefully and that it is up to date with the greatest and latest technologies.

These challenges are coming to any developer in fast growing companies who wishes to keep pushing his boundaries.
In this Speakers’ Corner we would like to share our knowledge and battle experience of two key episodes from both ’Seven Kingdoms’ and ’Lands Beyond The Great Wall’, AKA backend and frontend respectively.


1) 20min — gathering and mingling
2) 40min — session 1#: 99.999% (“Five Nines”) — the battle of high-availability

What does High-Availability means and how to achieve it? in this session we will explore terms, theory that we help you better communicate your goal and state. we will also devise a few strategies and tricks that will help you make your service highly-available.

Dror Meiri is Director of Software Engineering, leading the Experience group at eToro. he has been leading eToro cloud-based microservices backend development and help the company grow from 5K concurrent users to 150K.

3) 40min — session 2#: NgUpgrade — the battle of upgrading your application

Thinking about migration from AngularJS to Angular? Come and hear about the challenges and experience from senior developer that currently do it for real.

Many businesses are still using AngularJS and this is the first step to bridging the gap to the current versions of Angular.

During this session, we will teach you how to start migration, using ngupgrade. How to use existing code base in AngularJS with your new Angular project. We will take a deeper look into ngupgrade module.

Meir Amar is a Front End developer at Etoro. He specializes primarily in client side development and Angular in particular. He has served in many projects as a senior developer and technical leader. Meir is also specializes in refactoring legacy code.

4) 20min — networking

Target audience

session 1#: mid-senior level back-end/full-stack engineers; c#/.net core, nodejs
session 2#: mid-senior level angular front-end/full-stack engineers

See you at the event!

Please register to guarantee your seat — forms.gle/NzgNEBf3cbiiUVjr6

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