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Applied Computer Vision Meetup

05 December (Thursday)
Kharkiv, 18 Otakara Yarosha Str., "Soliaris" Business Center, Room 404
150 UAH, free for students

An Applied Computer Vision Meetup in Kharkiv organized by It-Jim 🙃

At the meetup, we will talk about the applications of computer vision in sports and healthcare. Experts from It-Jim will share a number of useful insights from two applied #CV projects. A mix of theoretical material and practical results should be a perfect match for computer vision developers and ML/DL engineers.

📢 You will hear about:

🔹 computer vision for sport analytics
🔹 visual object tracking methods
🔹 ML/DL in video analysis
🔹 image segmentation methods
🔹 automatic visual inspection in healthcare

🗒 Schedule:

7:00 PM — 7:45 PM
Computer vision in sports: theory and practice by Vitalii Vovk, PhD, Head of R&D @ It-Jim
7:45 PM — 8:15 PM
Coffee break 🥐☕️
8:15 PM — 9:00 PM
Computer vision in healthcare: visual inspection of artificial heart Valve by Pavlo Vy, PhD, CTO @ It-Jim

More details and tickets here: www.facebook.com/events/1473411446150229

Registration: acv051219.ticketforevent.com

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