Репутація українського ІТ. Пройти опитування Асоціації IT Ukraine

Research Meet-up

Took place
13 November 2019 (Wednesday)
19:30 — 21:00
Kyiv, Ring Ukraine, 81, Antonovycha St., BC Toronto, Tower C, 8th floor


7:15 pm Registration

7:30 pm Classical Computer Vision: Intro to stereo vision
Oleg Yurchenko (Ring Ukraine, Research Engineer)

This lecture will be dedicated to the basics of projective geometry. We will review camera models, image formation, and its transformations in 3D space. Also, we will discuss real-world applications of stereoscopic vision.

8:10 pm Self-supervised learning survey
Andrii Tytarenko (Ring Ukraine, Research Engineer)

Self-supervised learning utilizes both annotated and unlabeled data, learning better representations via, for example, auxiliary tasks. In this talk, we’ll dive into this approach and give a general survey on methods and practices that belong to it.

8:50 pm Networking

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