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Free webinar “5 Questions About Risk Management”

Took place
12 November 2019 (Tuesday)

Have you ever worked with risks? Maybe you’d like to, but have no time for that or don’t know how to start? Let’s discuss 5 main questions about risk management at the webinar with Andriy Mudryy.

✔️Where does risk management start?
✔️What should you do to set up the process?
✔️How to find time for risks?
✔️What are the off-the-shelf risk management tools on the market?
✔️What are the top 10 industry rules for risk management?


Andriy Mudryy — Independent Project Management consultant and Agile Coach.
Andriy has over 10 years of project and product management experience in product, outsourcing, and outstaffing companies. He worked with 50+ projects of different types and domains.

Register now to learn the answers to the 5 main questions of risk management!

👉🏻 Register now: bit.ly/36FAQ16

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