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Бесплатное обучение DevOps

4 декабря — 4 февраля
Киев, Печерск

SolveCare Academy announces a training course for talented Junior DevOps Engineer.

Duration of training 3 months.

Successful students taking classes in the office receive a scholarship for each month (when completing all tasks).

After training, the company will make an offer to the strongest students as a Junior DevOps Engineer.

The course is designed to provide the basics concepts of DevOps/SRE practices and principles including the following topics:

1. Linux and Docker.
2. AWS with Terraform, Ansible -> IAC to build reliable, resilient Infrastructure.
3. Understanding concepts and implementing CI/CD.
4. Integration ELK stack and Prometheus for monitoring Infrastructure on top of AWS.
5. DevOps core values, and practices, and a small piece of history.

Duration: 04/12/19 — 04/02/20

● Classes will be held in the office of SolveCare (Pechersk)
● Classes at the office Mon-Fri, from 9.00 to 16.00
● Afternoon practical classes, independent work,
● Analysis of video materials and assignments
● Skype call, code-review with a teacher.

Only 7 candidates will be accepted for training

How to get:

Send a letter with a resume in English (with a link to your projects, GitHub) to the mail:
Applications are accepted until November 30.

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