“Test Automation for Web applications with TypeScript” Course by Valor Software

Took place
24 February — 25 March

We’ll introduce you to the world of automation testing with Protractor and Cypress. With our help, you will run a complex scenario of End-to-End testing using these frameworks. Also, the best students will get a chance to become a part of our team.


  • Desire to evolve in the field of automation;
  • Fundamental understanding of Object-oriented programming;
  • Knowledge of client-server architecture;
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS;
  • Basic knowledge of one programming language (preferably Javascript or TypeScript);
  • Software testing background;
  • Attention to detail and logical thinking;
  • Intermediate or higher level of English.

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with test automation;
  • Experience with web-application testing.

Course outline:

  1. JavaScript automation testing languages.
  2. TypeScript as an automation testing language. Webstorm IDE features.
  3. Working with npm: package, dependencies, commands, etc. Working with Git and GitHub.
  4. HTML, CSS, selectors. Page Object and tests architecture.
  5. Protractor: set-up, configuration, features, assertions, wait-ons, API.
  6. Creating a basic test with Protractor.
  7. Running a complex scenario of End-to-End testing with Protractor.
  8. Cypress: set-up, TypeScript configuration, features, assertions, API.
  9. Creating a basic test with Cypress.
  10. Running a complex scenario of End-to-End testing with Cypress.
  11. Introduction to API testing. API test with request and Cypress.
  12. CI/CD test run with Travis.
  13. Summarizing and granting certificates.

Course duration: 24.02-25.03.2020
Timing: In the evening

Interested? Complete the test and wait for our feedback. If succeeded, bring your laptop or borrow one from friends (configuration requirements: 8+ Gb RAM and 2+ CPU), set up IDE (Webstorm preferably), Node.js, Angular (v.6+), and join us. We even have cats here ;)

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Хочу выразить огромную благодарность каждому лектору который принял участие в данном курсе!!!
У вас вышло все достойно и на хорошем уровне!
Для себя подчерпнул многое и очень благодарен вам за все те знания который получил и теплую атмосферу :)
Many thanks :)

оставьте контакты с кем детально можно пообщаться по поводу этого курса!

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