Ruby Meditation 2

6 апреля 2013 (суббота)
Kiev, Dom Pashkova, Melnikova str., 83D, 7-th floor, conference hall #1.

We continue with Ruby Meditation. The next event will take place at the same convenient location, 6 April.

We are glad to invite everyone to think about a short message to auditory. Please think, what pleased you lately, in your everyday work or how you solved some painfull problem. Bring it to people that gathered to listen to you. Please share your idea of new project, framework, start up, whatever. Anything you would like to share.

You also welcome to prepare more serious talk up to 30 minutes long. Giving talk is very appreciated. You will learn much more when you prepare talk.

If you would like to take part in panel discussion it will be about:

— Testing and refactoring. Pros and cons

Please fill in the form here. Everyone who give talk or take part in panel discussion have a free entrance.

Student have 50% discount on promo code “student”.

Link to event rubymeditation2.eventbrite.com

Link to report from previous event is rubymeditation.eventbrite.com

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