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Software Architecture Meet-Up

Took place
03 March (Tuesday)
199 UAH

Join our Software Architecture Meet-Up, where the topnotch experts will share the real cases and their hands-on experience.

No retelling documentation here, only deep dive to reality of challenges, we come across day-to-day, and the way to approach them in the most workable way.


18:30 — Registration

19:00 — Speech #1

🚀 Oleksandr Mykhalchuk, Director of Cloud & DevOps Services at SoftServe.

Topic: ‘Estimating on the bones’

We all been there. Estimated a project for 6 months and $400k, started the implementation. $1M and 12 months later still far from being done. Wonder how this has happened and how to prevent it in the future?

Estimation never was easy. There is a handful of methodologies and dozens of tools that claim to make your life easier. But can they save you from waking up at night in cold sweat and realizing that you should have put 40 more hours into testing that little component?

Join Oleksandr`s 5-year long journey to estimating the hell out of his projects and see what he`s learned.

20:15 — Coffee Break

20:30 — Speech #2

🚀 Oleksandra Klevets, Big Data Solutions Architect at SoftServe.

Topic: ‘Zero-downtime data platform migration from AWS to GCP’

Migration from one storage to another sometimes becomes a nightmare for an architect, huh? Oleksandra has a broad experience in it.

Having just wrapped up another project, she will give step-by-step guidance to zero-downtime data platform migration from AWS to GCP starting with the initial question “when it is really needed”.

She will share her real case of migrating 5 AWS regions and 5 PB of data and talk about why that migration happened, what were business drivers, technical constraints and complexity. She will lead you through the migration implementation and share lots of interesting findings and lessons learned.

21:30 Networking

One of our primary goals are the popularization of architectural practices and approaches.
Participants will be able to share their experience, learn something new in structural methodology as well as new world technology directions.

Join us, and let’s talk about Software Architecture!

Register here: hubs.ly/H0mZDyX0

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