Online Training “OTP in Elixir”

Took place
3 — 4 July

We invite you to pass an online training “OTP in Elixir”.

It is an online 6 hours training splitted on 2 days Friday and Saturday.

Concurrency, resiliency, and fault-tolerance are among the most appreciated and praised features in Elixir (and Erlang, which is where they came from). A big reason why these features are so prominent in Erlang and Elixir is because Erlang and Elixir provide great abstractions to build concurrent, reliable, and fault-tolerant systems. Most of these abstractions are shipped as a big library called OTP.

OTP (Open Telecom Platform) is the library that provides abstractions such as gen_server, gen_statem, supervisor, and others. Learning how these behaviours work and how to use them to your advantage is key for leveraging the power of Elixir (and Erlang).

Structure of the training:

1) Laying the foundation for concurrency and resiliency:

● Process primitives: spawn, send, receive
● Links: how to link processes together to represent dependencies between processes
● Monitoring: how to monitor other processes to know about their lifecycle

2) Learning how to keep state in a process:

● Building our own version of a process that can hold state and update it on demand
● Building our own rudimental GenServer

3) OTP gen_* abstractions: GenServer, gen_statem

4) Supervision

● Building our own rudimental supervisor
● OTP supervisors: children, strategies, other options
Supervision trees and nesting supervisors:

— Creating “subtrees” to represent isolated areas of your application
— Designing supervisors to contain failures as much as possible
— Understanding the role of supervisors better
— Understanding cases when to use supervision for being resilient compared to when to write code for handling expected failure cases

Work language: English


Friday, July 3

09:30 — Gathering attendees
09:40 — Training
10:30 — Coffee Break
10:40 — Training
11:30 — Coffee Break
11:40 — Training
12:20 — Material discussing, Q/A

Saturday, July 4

10:00 — Gathering attendees
10:10 — Training
11:00 — Coffee Break
11:10 — Training
12:00 — Coffee Break
12:10 — Training
13:00 — Material discussing, Q/A

About Speaker

The training will be held by Andrea Leopardi, member of the core team of the Elixir programming language, Software architect at Community.
Andrea is author of 4 trainings and co-author of 1 training. Also Andrea has given more than 30 talks at the conferences since 2015.

Join the training and develop your skills in Elixir (and Erlang) programming.

Promo codes:

● for a student 50% discount with promo code ’student’
● for parents of a small baby (0-3) on parental leave with promo code ’GrowWithYourKid’.

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