Безкоштовний мітап «Dynamic Talks» від Grid Dynamics та Fest Group присвячений Big Data

4 червня (четвер)

📣 Запрошуємо на безкоштовний мітап „Dynamic Talks” від Grid Dynamics та Fest Group присвячений Big Data 📣

Коли? 4 червня о 18:00
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👇 Безкоштовна реєстрація за посиланням:


1️⃣ Олександр Федірко — CEE Regional Head of BigData Practice (GlobalLogic)
◾️ Мова доповіді: англійська
◾️ Тема: Marketing Data Lake in the Cloud
◾️ Про що? This is a story of my journey to the world of marketing. I will cover the business area and the products that I was involved in. Will jump to the technical perspective and tools set alongside with the architectural overview. I will cover challenges that we faced while building data lake in the Azure cloud. Then focus on the next steps of evolution.

2️⃣ Володимир Баєв — Senior Big Data Developer (Grid Dynamics)
◾️ Мова доповіді: англійська
◾️ Тема: „Data processing in production: Apache Airflow will orchestrate it for you”
◾️ Про що? Apache Airflow is a popular and widely used orchestration platform for building ETL Data Pipelines. The amount of data is increasingly growing and it should be appropriately processed with corresponding SLAs, taking into account possible outages of distributed systems and the nature of data sources. To achieve this, we not only need processing engines, but also orchestration tools to connect all the components and guarantee appropriate scheduling.

We will start with an overview of the Airflow core concepts and take a more in-depth look from the perspective of production requirements and use cases: which Airflow features are extremely useful in the production environment, and which could potentially damage your system?
During the presentation, we are also going to discuss possible extensions and tools, which may simplify the Big Data Engineer’s life.
Moreover, we will take a deeper look from the perspective of development and usage: which features might be very helpful and which might damage your production?

In addition we are going to focus on the following topics:
— Why choose Apache Airflow and do we have alternatives?
— What does the Airflow pipeline look like?
— How to build a flexible orchestration as a code with CI/CD and tests?
— Monitoring, restatement and support
— Integration with clouds and third party services

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