Webinar “Notification service. Hangfire with SQLite”

Took place
21 July (Tuesday)
200 UAH

Join the online session and learn more about the Task Scheduler in the .NET Ecosystem and how to handle background tasks inside any .NET Core Applications using Hangfire.

Speaker: Dima Ostapenko — Tech Lead in SoftServe, with Microsoft, FP and Data Science background.

During the webinar you will get answers for these questions:

What is Hangfire? How to build complex stateful, fault-tolerant, background processing within a seconds? What benefits Hangfire from running separate daemons, services, or Cron jobs? Any cloud options for the task scheduler? What is fire and forget principle, states, continuations, delayed/recurring run, retries. what kind of licenses we can use for enterprise and beyond?

At the end, we will walk through real-world use cases with hangfire on SQLite.

Register now: hubs.ly/H0rHPr00

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