Webinar “Spring Data vs JPA”

Took place
18 August (Tuesday)

JPA specification is part of Java (Jakarta EE) and one of the key aspects of ORM technology usage. Most developers use Hibernate as JPA provider and smart/mature integration with Spring/Spring Boot. It will provide IoC, Spring beans, declarative transaction and resource management.

There’s also another player in this area — Spring Data JPA. This project started in 2008 and focused on removing boilerplate code and simplifying relational database programming for Java developers. If you you Spring Data you will get repository abstraction for CRUD operations, declarative queries and integration with most popular relational/NoSQL databases.

We migrated to Spring Data 4 years ago and gathered a lot of experience and positive feedback.

However Spring Data magic sometimes scares away developers and forces them to use simpler solution like Spring JDBC or jOOQ.

In this talk we will cover the following topics:

1) Core differences between JPA and Spring Data usage

2) Our migration story JPA -> Spring Data

3) Spring Data pitfalls/best practices

The speaker is Sergey Morenets, back-end developer with more than 20 years of programming experience, frequent speaker at Java conferences.

This webinar will start on August 18th, at 19:30 EET. You will receive email with live broadcast link two days before the start.

This is online webinar for Java developers of any level.
Registration link: it-simulator.com/...​pring-data-vs-jpa?lang=en

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