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Pitch, please!

Took place
25 August (Tuesday)

☎️ Calling B2B invested startups, hello?

How you pitch your startup plays a significant role in attracting co-partners, investors, and a skilled team. What are the secrets behind a captivating pitch that will make you stand out among others? What secret sauces would you need for an online-pitch?

Come join us live to learn tips and tricks on online pitching lifehacks and get feedback on your own pitch from the world’s largest software maker — Microsoft, which has recently launched a very special program — Microsoft for Startups (startups.microsoft.com/en-us/benefits) — an initiative to help startups create, develop, and market enterprise-level software. The program is focused on boosting the startup ecosystem across the world and helping amazing ideas come to reality. 💥

Together with our mentors, Mihkel Rembel (Microsoft) and Elise Sass (LIFT99), we will talk about the following things:

⚡️ Practical tips & tricks to keep in mind while preparing your online-pitch;
⚡️ What you should and should not do while pitching;
⚡️ The best way to present your product, service, and company through value and communication;
🍒 A cherry on top: get feedback on your own pitch if you would like to get some practice with our professional trainers. Or listen to others’ pitches and learn tips from that!

☄️ More about our mentors:

Mihkel Rembel — Microsoft Startup Program Manager. Mihkel’s mission is to help startups grow in every stage of their lifecycle by building a strong community in CEE countries and providing B2B startups a variety of perks as networking resources, tutorials, and business design session, Azure credits, sales support, and many more. Come check what Mihkel got for you! 🔥

Elise Sass — a co-founder and COO of LIFT99co, pitch trainer, and a startup advisor. She is a founding member of Estonia’s first startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys, and ran Garage48 hackathons. She has also led Microsoft’s Central Eastern European team to drive the cooperation between corporate and startup world.

According to Elise, the secret of any pitch is: "Be yourself! It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching to co-founders or investors, you need to present the way you feel comfortable. It still means that you need lots of practice and should be able to deliver a 1 minute or a 5-minute pitch the moment you wake up. 🚀

🗓 August 25th, Tuesday
🕙 12:00 (GMT+3)
👨‍💻👩‍💻 For whom it might be relevant: B2B invested startups

✅ NB! This event is APPLY ONLY! Please, fill in this registration form by 14:00 (GMT+3), August 21st: lift99.typeform.com/to/gZjJsSyT

You will receive a link for the event to your email after finishing the registration form.

See you!

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