Free Build-up#2. Cloud solutions: DevSecOps Edition

Took place
24 September (Thursday)

Free online build-up for DevSecOps : Join us on September 24th

Register here: bit.ly/2Z3ujuW

Why attend?

1. DevSecOps tricks and tips from top companies: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft, Foxintelligence, Intellias.
2. Learn how to start DevSecOps
3. Get examples of effective DevSecOps learning strategies and find out how to measure it.

We do release the network’s value and experience sharing that’s why meetup is about as one speech and two Fireside Chats moderated by Maxim Salnikov and supervised by DevSecOps. So, prepare your questions in advance and leave them in registration form.

How Would You Build It?

Meet our speakers:

1.Darko Meszaros, Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services
2. Nikhil Barthwal, Tech Lead, Google Cloud Platform
3. Mohamed Labouardy, DevSecOps Evangelist, Senior Software Engineer/DevOps, Foxintelligence
4. Dmytro Vedetskyi, Lead DevOps, Intellias

As Moderator — Maxim Salnikov, Developer Engagement Lead, Microsoft.

After all, it’s called ‘How Would You Build It?’ — so make sure to ask!

Don’t hesitate to register: bit.ly/2Z3ujuW. It’s free!

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