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Agile Z-Day

Took place
23 September (Wednesday)

Voting and registration for the Agile Z-Day have started!
Z-Days are a series of GLOBAL Community-led online and offline events. One technology brings together communities from all over the world.

We have more than 40 talks and workshops from experts from all over the world. Vote for the best ones and they will take place in the Main Agenda of the Agile Z-Day on September 23!

Take a look at a few proposed topics:

• OKR’s that motivate people based on inner motivation types;
• How we induced the need for Hypothesis-driven development on the project;
• Personal Kanban: Making your life better, one sticky note at a time;
• Remote Collaboration: engaging communication beyond F2F;
• Management 3.0 Practices use cases,
and many others!

Let’s form the final agenda together!

Register now: epa.ms/agilezdou

Do What You Love. Let’s build community hub together!

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