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9th Data Science UA Online Conference

20 листопада (п'ятниця)

November 20th, 2020
9th Data Science UA Online Conference
Discover the latest results, algorithms & trends in the AI world

Get tickets data-science-ua.com/conference

Data Science UA will gather participants from all over the world at the 9-th Data Science UA Conference which will be held online on November 20th, 2020.
The conference will last for 24 hours non-stop consisting of three significant tracks: Technical track, Workshops track, and Business track.
Speakers from TOP companies Amazon, Facebook AI, Airbus, Nvidia, Google, IBM and others are going to share experiences and discuss as much as possible about how AI transforms the world today and what is going to be tomorrow.
At the conference, you will learn step-by-step algorithms through practical workshops as well as insights which you will be able to bring to life in your own work.

What’s waiting for you:

☑️ 3 tracks: Technical track, Workshops track, and Business track
☑️ 24 hours of NonStop tech talks from Top Speakers
☑️ 70+ speakers from Top Companies from all over the globe
☑️ Tons of use cases
☑️ 30+ tech talks
☑️ Q&A sessions and panel discussions
☑️ 3000 + attendees expected

Let’s build Data Science Community together!
Report language: English

More info you can find on the Conference site data-science-ua.com/conference

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