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Workshop “Studying Spring Boot”

Took place
17 November (Tuesday)

Spring Boot is one of most the popular and still rapidly growing Java technology. It’s an abstraction layer over Spring Framework that simplifies the configuration and development of your applications.

However it has a lot of features/use-cases. So what is the best way to review and practice its features? Which Spring Boot knowledge are mandatory and which ones are optional?

One of the best options here is our workshop where we will dive deeply together with participants into Spring and Spring Boot world.

Firstly we will take standard Java SE application with source code/tests and step by step convert it into Spring Boot project. It will allow us to review most popular features with simple and clear examples.

Since our project will host at Github you can easily follow/track our changes.

Finally we will receive Spring Boot application that you can improve/refine further by yourself.

We will also review best practices/common pitfalls of Spring/Spring Boot usage.

This workshop is perfect for people who still learn Spring Boot or want to freshen up their knowledge/skills.

The speaker is Sergiy Morenets, back-end developer with more than 20 years of programming experience, frequent speaker at Java conferences in Ukraine and Europe.

This webinar will start on November 17th, at 19:30 EET. You will receive email with live broadcast link two days before the start.

This is online webinar for Java developers of any level.

Registration link: it-simulator.com/...​dying-spring-boot?lang=en

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