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< Python WEB Global > Online Summit by Geekle

19 ноября (четверг)
$0 – $300

📢The biggest Python WEB Event of the Year!
Top speakers from Netflix, TikTok, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, MongoDB and other world-leading companies!

Offline events are gone for some time, but the tech world doesn’t slow down.
The Python community needs the platform to share latest updates and use cases to improve coding skills and get architectural insights. We aim to provide an online event for Python geeks from all over the world to share what’s new in the domain.

Geekle has the unique experience to gather huge tech summits with 11’000+ attendees with 95% of free users registered in other tech domains. Now we hope to make something the world has never seen before for the Python Community.

Python is the whole universe. We understand specific sub-domains like Python Web, Python for ML/AI and Python for Testing. That’s why we separated Python into three unique events. Now we are ready to present the Python WEB Global Summit’20.

What’s waiting for you:

✅ 2 tracks: Junior Free & Senior Price from $49 to $300
✅ 24 hours of NonStop tech talks from TopNotch Speakers
✅ 40+ speakers from Top Companies from all over the globe
✅ Tons of use cases
✅ 50+ tech talks
✅ Q&A sessions and panel discussions
✅ 15,000+ attendees expected
✅ Killer content from Python Code Masters
✅ No pre-recorded performances, only live performances.

More Info: >> python.geekle.us <<

Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself into 24 hours of non-stop tech talks. Learn the best Python WEB Practices and about the latest updates without leaving your home.

We would like to draw your attention! There will be 2 Tracks at the summit.

1) Senior Track — for Middle and Senior Software Developers, Solution Architects, and CTO. Deep tech content. Price from $ 49 to $ 300 depending on the day of purchase.
What’s included in Senior ticket:
✔Live stream
✔ Access to recordings
✔ Access to Q&A sessions
✔ Workshops discount
✔ Slack chat access
✔ 25% off next event

2) Junior Track — for Junior Python developers entry-level content. Absolutely FREE!
What’s included in Junior ticket:
✔ Live stream
✔ Access to Q&A sessions

Sign up for paid and free tracks right now, because tomorrow will be more expensive.

Seniors Track Early birds — until 09.01.2020 — $49
Seniors Track Lucky birds — until 09.10.2020 — $79
Seniors Track Happy birds — until 09.20.2020 — $119
Seniors Track Joyful birds — until 09.30.2020 — $159
Seniors Track Late birds — until 10.07.2020 — $199
Seniors Track Full Price — until 10.08.2020 — $300 on the day of the event!

More Info: >> python.geekle.us <<

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