Wix Mobile Team at Scale

Took place
08 October (Thursday)

Please notice:

● The meetup will be online and the talk will be in English.
● Link to the event will only be visible to people who RSVP.
● The online meetup will be held on October 8, 16:00, Kyiv Time Zone, GMT +3:00

// Wix Mobile Team at Scale — Igor Kachura

In this talk, we’ll focus on how we at Wix are building our mobile application. For the past 4 years, the Wix team has been working on our one app for both iOS and Android platforms, all maintained under one codebase. We’re using React Native as a core platform for the application with some native code parts of Android and iOS. More than 20 mobile teams that have different setups and various business domains are all contributing to the one mobile application, and we’re making it a success! In this talk, we’ll reveal the secret of how we make it all work.

We’ll cover:

● Parts of the mobile application
● The role React Native plays in the application development
● How to combine all of the team’s code into one mobile application
● How CI/CD process looks like in Wix Mobile Team

// Bio

Igor has been a Software Engineer for the last 10 years, with a focus on web projects during his career. Today, he is a Mobile guild manager in Kyiv and works in mobile development with React Native.

Follow Igor on Twitter: twitter.com/i_kachura

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Link to the event will only be visible to people who RSVP.

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